How to Apply for UPTU Scholarship 2017?

UP scholarship is issued by State Government to those students who are economically weak. Uttar Pradesh Technical University(UPTU) provides scholarship for various courses such as: MCA, MBA, BTech etc. Scholarship provides a great help to the students as well as parents. Students need to fill Application Form and see the list of students who get the […]

How to apply for Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Scholarship

How to apply for Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Scholarships?

Applicants are being invited from SRISTI(Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institutions) for its Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Scholarships. Only Indian students can get this scholarship. The main aim of this Scholarship is to encourage the creativity of the students. SRISTI is basically a non-government organisation which was founded in 1993 by […]

Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University Students

How to apply for Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship(CSSS)?

College and University students can get Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship(CSSS) which is offered by Government of India. At graduation level, the students will get scholarship of Rs. 10000/- per annum for first three years while at postgraduate level, the students will get scholarship of Rs. 20000/- per annum in 4th and 5th Year. The […]


How to apply for Swami Dayanand Charitable Education Foundation Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship?

Upto 200 Merit-Cum-Means Scholarships are offered by The Swami Dayanand Charitable Education Foundation to various meritorious students who are doing various professional courses such as: Medical, Engineering, Architecture. Only Indian students can apply for this scholarship. This scholarship provides financial support to those students who are economically weak and doing professional courses such as: Engineering […]

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How to apply for Pre and Post Matric Scholarship?

The Post Matric Scholarship (Pre-Matric Scholarship) Scheme is an online Scheme for minority community in India. In order to apply for this scholarship online please visit the website here Eligibility Criteria: Post Matric scholarship is entitled to candidates who have secured at least 50% marks or a grade equivalent to 50% in his/her previous […]

Merit Cum Means Scholarship for minority students and girls which is government scholarship given my ministry of minority affairs India to financially weak students

How To apply for Merit Cum Means Scholarship?

Merit Cum Means Scholarship: 1. OBJECT OF MERIT CUM MEANS SCHOLARSHIP Main objective of Merit Cum Means Scholarship is to give assistance to financially weak, poor but meritorious students belonging to communities which are deemed as Minority by the Government of India to help students study seamlessly their professional and technical courses. 2. SCOPE This […]