ISTernship Summer Program

ISTernship Summer Program Austria 2018

Introduction to ISTernship summer program: IST Austria is organizing the ISTernship(IST+internship) program in summer for internship since 2013. ISTernship summer program is an offer to undergraduate students interested in basic research in Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Neuroscience and interdisciplinary areas. Interns are allowed to select a group in which they have to work, a specific project […]

Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship Rs. 80,000 per Year 2018-19

Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship Rs. 80,000 per Year 2018-19

Introduction to Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship: The Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has announced on 09-feb-2018 for the implementation of Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship which is the planning of encouraging talented students to go for Research in their own country by providing them incentive in form of PMRF (Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship). This initiative has been […]

Clarendon Scholarship at Oxford University

Clarendon Scholarship Oxford University Full Details 2018-19

Introduction to Clarendon Scholarship: Clarendon Scholarship is one of the biggest schemes of University’s Scholarship. This is a dream come true opportunity for the genius students of the undergraduate courses to study in one of the world’s best Universities.  Every year, Oxford is providing around 140 scholarships across the Globe to find the brainy and […]