ISTernship Summer Program Austria 2018

Introduction to ISTernship summer program:

IST Austria is organizing the ISTernship(IST+internship) program in summer for internship since 2013. ISTernship summer program is an offer to undergraduate students interested in basic research in Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Neuroscience and interdisciplinary areas.
Interns are allowed to select a group in which they have to work, a specific project will be assigned to them and research will be conducted under the close supervision of one of the members of the faculty and Interns are also allowed to choose a lab mentor for experimental labs.
An introduction will be given to Interns to research at IST Austria and introduction to the IST Austria Graduate School. A research symposium will be held in the end of the program, where the interns have to present work to their lab mentors, faculty and peers..
It is a full-time program which will conduct in English.

ISTernship Summer Program


  • Students will be able to get more research experience.
  • Internship experience is highly valued by employers in academia, industry or other sectors, wider exposure to different work environments is shown, and the student gets technical knowledge and research cultures.
  • Students get the chance to find out if they like doing independent research and they also get to know in which field they have their interest the most.
  • This internship experience will help to present the willingness to learn and enrich the research portfolio in case the candidate wants to apply for PhD program in future, it will increase the opportunities and the opportunity to get selected for PhD programs.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Candidates must be enrolled at a degree granting institution in Bachelor- or Master of Science having brilliant performance .
  • At least fourth semester of the bachelor’s degree must be completed before the respective start date.
  • All students across the Globe are eligible for this internship.

ISTernship Summer Program Duration:

Internship will be completed in 8 to 12 weeks with date between May 15 and September 15. Candidates selected for ISTernship are allowed choose the exact length and dates with the supervisor.

When to Apply:

The application period for the ISTernship program gets open in December 2018 and stays open till February 2019.  A link to the online platform gets published in mid December. More specific information will get published before application period starts.

Events in ISTernship:

Many events are organized in ISTernship Summer Program.

  • Weekly presentations providing short overviews of the research conducted in groups at IST Austria given by the relevant professors or their Postdocs.
  • Invitation to the annual IST Austria barbeque (June).
  • Annual poster session in which ISTerns prepare a poster detailing their research project at IST Austria (August).

Allowances in ISTernship:

  • A monthly scholarship payment is being provided to all ISTerns.
  • Affordable health insurance and subsidized housing available for ISTerns.
  • Allowance for travel costs.
  • On campus housing is available for ISTerns.
  • Free access to the shuttle bus of IST Austria with service to Vienna every hour.

An agreement has been signed between IST and OeAD to facilitate administrative matters.After accepting candidate’s offer to the ISTernship, an official scholarship document from OeAD will be receive by the candidate. In case he/she need a visa for coming to Austria, a confirmation will be sent to the respective Austrian representative by the OeAD.

Monthly scholarship and travel allowance will be disbursed by OeAD, and an insurance will also be arranged after your arrival if needed.

Documents Required for ISTernship Summer Program:

i) CV with the following format:

  •   Educational history since high school onwards
  •   Relevant work experience
  •   List of publications (if any)
  •   Scholarships, awards, etc. (if any)
  •   Additional qualifications

ii) Statement of purpose which is a one-page essay to explain the following points.

  •   Candidate’s research experience and the research area(s) in which he/she is most interested.
  •   Candidate’s motivation for applying to the IST Austria ISTernship program
  •   With which professor candidate wants to do research.

iii) University transcripts/diplomas of current and completed/previous degrees

iv). One or two referee(s)‘s below details who taught or supervised your work in academy:

  •   Name
  •   Institutions name
  •   Email addresses

The referee(s) will be contacted directly (by email) and they will be asked to submit a reference letter for the candidate. The reference letter will be needed to complete the application of candidate.


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