JSK Journalism Fellowship 2018 | Details and Application Process

About JSK Journalism Fellowship

JSK Journalism Fellowships 2018 is a fellowship provided by Stanford University, California, USA. This fellowship is provided for all the journalists across the world. You can online apply for JSK Journalism Fellowships 2018 and 4th December is the last day to apply for the fellowship. All the candidates applying for JSK Journalism Fellowship need to have an experience of a minimum of 5 years and other achievements would definitely be an advantage to your selection.

JSK Fellowship 2018 for Journalism

Following are the essential information available about JSK Journalism Fellowship:

  • To apply for JSK Journalism Fellowship you no college degree is required.
  • This fellowship program extends to 10 months and it is available for 20 candidates.
  • The selected fellows will be offered a stipend of USD $75000. Along with this, the candidates will be given. You will be also given other economic benefits like USD $95000 to USD $ 143000.
  • You can also interact with alumni of JSK fellowship on Google Hangout. Also, you can avail the video clips and with the transcript of the previous sessions.


Events Dates (day/month/year)
Starting date of online JSK Fellowship Application 23.9.2018
Closing date of online JSK Fellowship Application 22.12.2018


Gender              Both

Region              Global

Class/Age         No specific requirements

Nationality: This fellowship is available to USA citizens and other candidates with international nationality can also apply.

Experience: The US candidates applying for JSK Journalism need to have a minimum of 7 years, and other international candidates need to have experience of 5 years. If you the exceptional background and work experience then less work experience will also be accepted.

Professional Background:: The aspiring applicants should come from below given categories:

  • Journalists working in news organization and as freelancer journalists.
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs in Journalism.
  • Management and business executives in Journalism.

JSK Journalism Fellowship Reward

The JSK Journalism Fellowship extends its benefits to its selected candidates as well to their families. Following are the details:

  • The time period of fellowship: This fellowship is for the duration of 10 months.
  • Intake of candidates: the fellowship is given to 20 candidates from the USA and other countries.
  • Stipend: USD $ 75000 of the stipend will be offered to the selected candidates.
  • Miscellaneous Allowance: To cover the additional costs of cost of living, JSK Journalism Fellowship offers extra allowance which ranges from USD $ 95,000 to USD $ 143,000.
  • Extra perks: Selected candidates also avail other benefits depending upon the selected fellows, other than aforementioned allowances and benefits:

1. Avail the benefits and access to world’s renowned think tank groups, organizations,  and Standford’s institute.

2.  Selected candidates can get access to world’s learned professors.

3.  You can attend seminars and conferences.

4.  Spouses and partners are eligible to take and attend classes of seminars.

5. Children of fellows can attend schools in Palo Alto areas and engage in other fellowship social activities.

JSK Journalism Fellowship Application and Process

For JSK Journalism Fellowship, you need to fill up the application form online. You can get the online application form on its official website. Following are the steps to be completed for JSK Journalism Fellowship.

  • Fill up the application form by going to its original website: http://jsk.stanford.edu/become-a-fellow/applying-for-a-fellowship/
  • Before you fill up the application form, you need to register yourself for JSK Journalism Fellowship, now activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your registered website.
  • The candidates applying for the fellowship program need to give essential details of themselves like their educational background, work experience, and other details.
  • Journalism Challenge: You have to complete a Journalism Challenge in order to sign up for JSK Journalism Fellowship. You are asked to recognize a challenge related to journalism. You have to analyze the challenge and explore ideas related to the challenge. You need not come up with the solution, but you should essentially critically analyze the issue. Also, how will you address the challenge in future?
  • Journalistic Autobiography: You also need to enter details about your history of becoming a journalist. Questions like how you got into this field, what and who encouraged you to join journalism, your examples of being a leader in the field of journalism. Write an essay not crossing 2000 words.
  • Letter of Recommendation: You also need to produce 3 references of those who know you very well and your work. Submit the Letter of Recommendation online.
  • Five Topics: From Journalism, algorithms, emerging technologies, free speech to democracy, all the aspiring candidates need to answer the questions out of these 5 topics.

After filling all the details of JSK Journalism Fellowship Application form, with three letter of recommendation submit it online.

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