How to apply for Pre and Post Matric Scholarship?

The Post Matric Scholarship (Pre-Matric Scholarship) Scheme is an online Scheme for minority community in India. In order to apply for this scholarship online please visit the website here

Eligibility Criteria:

Post Matric scholarship is entitled to candidates who have secured at least 50% marks or a grade equivalent to 50% in his/her previous examination. Also, the overall annual income of the candidate’s Parents/guardian from all sources collectively must not exceed Rs. 2 Lakh. Students belonging to communities (Muslim/Christian/Sikh/Buddhist/Jain/Parsi) which are declared as minority by Government of India can avail this scholarship.

Applying Procedure:

Fresh (Post Matric Scholarship):

For Fresh registration, carefully follow these steps in sequence:


  • Go to website

    homepage,scholarship portal,post matric scholarship,pre matric, government scholarship
    Homepage National Scholarships Portal
  • When the homepage of National Scholarships Portal opens click on the “New User?Register”.
  • On the next page, you have to fill in some general information about yourself and then click on Register button.

    registration,scholarship,post matric scholarship, pre matric scholarship
    Registration Page of National Scholarships Portal
  • Once you have registered a temporary ID will be generated, you should note it down. After that you need to login from homepage of by clicking on “login” button.
  • Now 5 different tabs appear on the website which are different parts of same scholarship form; Personal Details, Academic details, Scheme Details, Bank Details and Contact Details.
  • Once all the tabs are completed your application is ready to be submitted after one final review.
  • After submitting a permanent ID will be generated which you must note down and keep it for future references.
  • Take a printout of the form attach the supporting documents and submit it in the office concerned.

Fresh (Pre Matric Scholarship):

The procedure for application of Pre Matric Scholarship is same as that of Post Matric scholarship. The 3rd step in the above procedure is modified slightly, instead of selecting Post Matric Scholarship from dropdown menu of scholarship category, select Pre Matric Scholarship.


scholarship,government, post matric scholarship,pre matric scholarship
Pre matric Scholarship Registration Page


For renewal of Post/Pre Matric Scholarship on the homepage of click on “Apply for renewal” and proceed. Also, please do note that for Renewal of scholarship, you need to have Permanent ID of your last year’s scholarship application form. Rest is the same procedure as discussed above.

Documents Required for Scholarship Application:

S.No. Mandatory Optional
1 Institution Verification Form. Aadhaar Card
2 Income Certificate issued by an authorized Officer in the State/UT Proof of Address
3 Declaration of the Student
4 Religion Certificate.
5 (i) In case of Fresh: Self-Attested Certificate of Last Board Exam Passed as filled in the Form. (Mandatory).
(ii) In case of Renewal: Self-Attested Certificate of Last Exam Passed as filled in the Form. (Mandatory)
6 Fee Receipt of ‘Current Course Year’
7 Proof of Bank Account in the Name of the Student

Last date of Pre and Post Matric Scholarships: Last date of Registration/Submission of scholarships has been extended upto 30 October 2017 (May extend as observed in previous years).

Eligibility Criteria for Post Matric Scholarship (Tabular Form)

Ministry/Department Parental Income Primary Supporting Doc Amount Variation Previous Year Percentage Quota
Disabilities 2.5 lakh Disability(>40%) Certificate
  1. Course Group & Hosteller/Day Scholar
  2. Degree of Disability
Applicable 16650
Higher Education 6.0 lakh (4.5 lakh non-creamy) SC/ST/OBC Disability Certificate NA Applicable 82000 (50% girls, SC 15%, ST 7.5%, OBC 27%, Disability 3%)
Minority Affairs 2.0 lakh Parental Income/Religion Certificate Hosteller/Day Scholar Applicable 30% girls
Labor 1.0 to 1.2 lakh Worker’s ID Card Gender NA NA

Still have questions regarding pre matric and post matric scholarship application, registration or renewal? You can ask us questions in comments.

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